Admit it — You’re a Workaholic!

Workaholism is a common behavior that is found in many people today, both entrepreneurs and employees. There are many reasons for this behavior. The most common reason is a compulsive need to be successful and achieve status. Other reasons include trying to please everyone at the workplace by putting in more hours at the job and working to keep their mind off of unfavorable situations that may be going on in their personal life.

What starts with a reason will become a habit that is hard to break from. Like any other addiction, workaholics derive pleasure from continuously working.

Like the other addicts, they don’t see the problems that it can bring about.

Question — are you a workaholic?

Symptoms Of Work Addiction

When everyone is working more to achieve something in this competitive environment, it is not very easy to identify the work addict but trust us, certain symptoms will expose themselves unquestionably.

Workaholics will put in long hours at the office, even when it is not needed. They will interrupt their sleep to complete tasks. Workaholics are more than likely obsessed with being successful at work; because of this, they are oftentimes paranoid about failing or falling short of expectations.

The main thing that will expose them is their neglect of personal relationships for work.

The Ill-Effects Of Being A Workaholic

Obviously, there are many negative effects that a workaholic will face. Their health will be the first to become affected, though they may not realize it in your obsession to continue working.

Everyone needs their share of recreation and rest. When this is not received, it will give rise to a variety of physical and mental illnesses such as anxiety, memory loss, and even heart problems that are caused by stress.

Let’s not forget to mention that workaholics are probably super busy; therefore, they are settling for fast food and not devoting the time to work out. This type of lifestyle is counter-productive to what they are trying to achieve.

The other side-effect of workaholism is jeopardizing relationships with family and friends. As they devote more and more time at work, they start to love the feeling that comes with constantly working and may forget about maintaining personal relationships from time to time. These relationships become a hindrance to their work and may start to avoid them. This slowly leads to a breakdown of relationships of all types.

There is a Way Out!

The methods of beating workaholism must come from the realization that there are other more important things in life. Workaholics must also realize that even with the amount of work is done, you cannot please everyone at work.

If this sounds like you, you must start by breaking old habits. You must make everyone understand that you are not available after office hours. Refuse to host or attend professional calls and meetings. Stop working after office hours…period. There is a special type of power in saying no.

Try finding something interesting to do after office hours. Spending time with family and friends if a great way to unwind. Find a hobby or rediscover things that you truly enjoy doing. The tangible rewards may not match that of professional work but you will slowly find yourself becoming a happier you.

So again…are you a workaholic? If so, what are you going to do to regain control of your life?

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