Don't worry...we've got you covered!

Don't worry...we've got you covered!


Our compassionate and efficient virtual assistants are equipped with all the right tools to get things done for you without any hassle.


Need to schedule and confirm meetings, manage your calendar or appointments regularly? Don’t worry! Let your Buddy take care of them for you.


Too busy to handle a lot of things on your own? Hire a Buddy to send gifts, make purchases, handle phone calls, and track order on your behalf!


Is your inbox full of clutter? Your Buddy can help you with emailing clients, mailbox management, setting up business emails, and organizing email campaigns.


Does your schedule involve a lot of traveling? Allow one of our Buddies to assist with flight planning, researching car and hotel options, finding new restaurants, and building an itinerary for upcoming trips.


It’s okay to seek help with website and blog management, social media site updates, scheduling social media, and engaging with customers via social media. Don’t worry — we got you!


Is there anything that you need to research? From organizing details, locating events and venues, creating dossiers for clients, and gathering qualitative and quantitative data, our Buddies will do everything for you!

Why Choose Us



We employ US-based, internet-savvy professionals that are trained to tackle your administrative and personal needs. Our Buddies are detail-oriented, always prepared to start, and are dedicated to ensuring that you are working more efficiently. Since we implement a thorough training process, their communication, creativity, and technology skills are tested time after time.

We can tackle all of the tasks that you would hire an in-house assistant to complete without committing to offering payroll and benefits, therefore cutting your costs tremendously.

Tasks Completed (and counting)
Percentage of clients that retain their Buddy past 6 months
Why Choose Us
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How We Can Help


Wish to take things to the next level?

Get started by having your Buddy set up meetings, manage your crazy schedule, and organize your inbox. Your Buddy can help remind you of that important call, book that special reservation, handle your outgoing calls, or plan your weekend getaway.

Team up with a Buddy and focus on things that bring in the money. Gain free time for yourself to enjoy a life without worrying about pesky deadlines.

With your Buddy handling all the small stuff, you can start focusing on what’s truly important…in work and life.

More Work in Less Time
More Work in Less Time

By outsourcing your tasks to our Buddies, you can manage multiple tasks within a limited time period — sounds like business growth to us!

Focus on Core Operations
Focus on Core Operations

Share the tasks that you lack expertise in with your Buddy. That way, you can truly focus on your organization’s core operations minus the distractions of smaller tasks.

Decreased Operational Costs
Decreased Operational Costs

Hiring our Buddies will cut down on your expenditures. No need to pay for extra office space, office supplies, or employee benefits — we have that all taken care of over here!



Just as Batman has Robin, Superman has Jimmy Olsen; you too need a sidekick who can let you focus on saving the world while they keep an eye on trivial issues. Without a sidekick, a hero can’t become a legend, and without a trustworthy buddy and a team, a hard-working individual like you can spend years getting to where you need to be.

That’s why, at The Buddy Effect, we offer 1:1 virtual assistance service for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and professionals who are yearning to declutter their schedules and focus on things they love doing.

Our Buddies take the time to fully understand your needs and offer a personalized experience that sets you to spend your time in a better way.

Within no time, you’ll be a mentor, a hero to your sidekick, and an individual who knows what they are doing! Your Buddy will tackle your jobs from start to finish, taking the burden off of you.

Our clients absolutely love us because oftentimes, they can cut costs while freeing themselves from the frustration of juggling all of their tasks at hand.

We are always ready…always there.


Our Pricing & Packages


Light Work
$ 480


Let us knock out your small tasks so that you can focus on the bigger ones.

(up to 15 hours per month)

Get started now
A Little Extra
$ 930


Need help with projects that go beyond organizing your inbox and scheduling your appointments?

(up to 30 hours per month)

Get started now
Personal Sidekick
$ 1350


We get it — you need that full-time employee…or close to it.

(up to 45 hours per month)

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Looking for something else? Schedule a complimentary consultation to build a plan that works best for you.

Why are our Buddies primarily based in the United States?

At the Buddy Effect, we tend to connect you with assistants that are native to the United States. Why? Because with them, you don’t have to face issues that can arrive due to language barriers, familiarity with the American culture, and overall communication.

1. No Language Barrier

It’s all about communication! Imagine not being able to convey your message clearly to your buddy. Wouldn’t it be a drag? Most of the communication will probably be through email, text, or phone. Clear communication is essential when you’re hiring a right-hand to assist you in your business.

2. No Culture Barriers

The American culture is a lot to learn in regards to finances, traveling, media, measurements, and so much more. Wouldn’t it be a drag if you had to spend a lot of time explaining things that are foreign to someone? That’s why we connect you with local talent that is geared towards getting things done for you!

Hiring in the US also allows us to do a thorough background check on each candidate to ensure we can protect our client’s security and trust.

3. No Major Time Zone Differences

Having an assistant that works overseas can make it extremely difficult to connect easily due to major time zone differences. Imagine having a last-minute task, and your assistant is catching ZZZs while you’re in the midst of a crisis?

We don’t let that happen at the Buddy Effect. This approach reduces the need for you to conduct training and gives you a more immediate boost in your level of productivity.

Our Philosophy 

Quality: To ensure consistent, high-quality services, our Buddies are thoroughly tested and trained. Simply put, we support the highest standards of excellence in all that we do.

Creativity: Promoting a company culture of innovation and communication allows us to create an environment that is conducive to molding Buddies that go over and beyond for their clients. We allow our Buddies to use their freedom to apply creative means and methods to provide our clients with results that surpass their expectations.

Client-driven: Our clients’ needs are the nucleus of The Buddy Effect. Your needs are executed in a timely manner while maintaining security and confidentiality at all times. As an agency, we are equipped with a team of rockstar virtual assistants — this means that we are more than capable of partnering you with the perfect Buddy for any job.

We promise to remain at the forefront of supporting new ideas, learning, marketing, and process improvement while remaining responsive to emerging trends, technologies, and opportunities.


What are your hours of operation?

Our Buddies are available to assist you on weekdays between 9:00 am CST – 6:00 pm CST. If you contact us outside of those hours, we will be sure to get back to you during business hours.

Will my assistant be available on holidays?

Our Buddies observes major U.S. holidays; therefore, they will offline and spending quality time with family and friends on the following holidays:

New Years Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Indigenous People’s Day

Hours of operation for the following days are 9:00 am – 1:00 pm CST:
New Years Eve
Thanksgiving Eve
Christmas Eve

Will my assistant be available on weekends?

Our Buddies are available on Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00 am CST – 6:00 pm CST. They are not required or expected to work on weekends or after 6:00 pm CST. Please feel free to submit your tasks anytime and we will be sure to handle them the following business day.

Does any unused time rollover into the following month?

Our services are structured as monthly subscription services. While each plan offers a different level of service, unused time does not roll over nor do we refund any unused time.

Can my assistant help with my accounting needs?

Due to certain legalities, our Buddies are unable to provide assistance with accounting tools (but we can definitely research a great CPA or financial advisor for you!)

  • We use The Buddy Effect to manage our daily schedule, down to the smallest task. We have even recommended their services to parents of our mentees that need a little help keeping things organized in their daily lives.

    Focus Fairies Mentoring

    Focus Fairies Mentoring

    Non Profit Organization
  • I have had a great experience with The Buddy Effect. All my tasks are done on time and it is a big help that my assistant is proactive. I would refer any friend or client of mine to The Buddy Effect.

    Clifton Alexander

    Clifton Alexander

    Branding Specialist
  • Everyone get you a Buddy! Best virtual assistants that I've ever hired, hands down! Kudos to The Buddy Effect for handling all of Darra Michelle Events and Consulting's administrative needs.

    Darra Michelle

    Darra Michelle

    Event Curator
  • I’m glad I came across The Buddy Effect. They've helped me grow my business tremendously. As a network marketer, I need a team that's able to help me convert my prospects. I would recommend their services to anyone!

    Justin Jones

    Justin Jones

    Network Marketer
  • Our company grew exponentially after hiring The Buddy Effect. I highly recommend for any business looking for a virtual assistant that you can trust with your prospects and clients.

    Flyy Credit

    Flyy Credit

    Financial Literacy Consulting Services


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