3 Tasks that Will Help you Prepare for your New Virtual Assistant
3 Tasks that will Help you Prepare for your New Virtual Assistant

Sorry to break the news to ya but, onboarding a virtual assistant into your business doesn’t happen automatically. Although your virtual assistant comes equipped with strong skillsets, they will need to learn YOUR business, and those details will have to…

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Start Up
5 Things to Remember That Will Secure Your Startup’s Success

The startup culture is up to the brim with people who try their hardest to launch but unfortunately, are unable to get their businesses off the ground. Why does this happen? The point is this: many “fresh entrepreneurs” do not…

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It's Ok to Relax
Three Things to Master that will Win Back Your Time

Learning how to be an entrepreneur who enjoys holidays weekends off without missing a beat is essential when it comes to running a business. Finding a healthy work-life balance is vital, although it isn’t the easiest thing to do. Most of us…

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How to use calendar blocking (time-blocking) to stay organized
How to Use Calendar Blocking to Stay Organized

Do you know about calendar blocking (aka time blocking)?  It is about blocking specific time for certain events, tasks, and activities by scheduling it on your calendar. This is done suitably for both personal and business tasks. Time management is…

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Get Past the Point of Being a Stagnant Startup

The startup culture is filled with entrepreneurs who are unable to successfully net a profit. Why does this happen? The thing is this: many startup entrepreneurs are unaware of the path or methods to best shift their business from one…

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How to Virtually Recruit New Employees

Believe it or not, filling new positions within a company does not require that a training team and the new employee report to the office. COVID-19 has proved that there are ways to turn businesses into virtual powerhouses. COVID quarantines…

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5 Actionable Strategies To Boost Business Efficiency

The success of a business comes from planning strategies to achieve goals. In today’s competitive market, it is essential to plan well and ensure that the plans are implemented. A proper action plan must be set for implementing the plans…

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Admit it — You’re a Workaholic!

Workaholism is a common behavior that is found in many people today, both entrepreneurs and employees. There are many reasons for this behavior. The most common reason is a compulsive need to be successful and achieve status. Other reasons include…

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15 Questions to Ask your Potential VA
Outsourcing – the Trick to Accomplishing More and Stressing Less

Outsourcing is the business practice of shifting tasks, jobs, and operations to an external third party. The functions that are contracted out can either be performed onsite or offsite. Small companies often outsource payroll processing, distribution, account, marketing, and other…

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Check Out 5 of Our Favorite Google Chrome Extensions!

Do you know what’s better than Google Chrome? GOOGLE CHROME EXTENSIONS!!! If you’re constantly sucked within the realm of distraction and low productivity, press your luck with these super cool sidekicks. The Google Chrome web store offers a variety of…

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