4 Social Media Tasks to Delegate to your VA

Social media is a crucial component to a successful business in addition to a high-quality
product or service, outstanding customer care, and a well-constructed website. It has evolved into a legitimate business tool that can help you be seen and heard online. Social media is a tool to market your business to your target client. Showing up consistently online will reap benefits for your business, which requires you to post consistently.

If you’d rather focus your energy on other aspects of your business, consider hiring a virtual assistant to take care of your social media. Delegate these four tasks to your assistant to free up your time:

Writing Social Media Copy

Well-written social media copy is essential to educating, entertaining, informing and interacting
with your client base. Hire a virtual assistant that is skilled in writing engaging content; they will craft high-quality social media captions, along with the appropriate hashtags.

Remember, your assistant will need input from you regarding content. Keep them informed if your business is running a specific promotion or awareness campaign so they can keep that in mind as they create content.

Creating Graphics

Tools such as Adobe Spark and Canva have made graphic creation much easier. You no longer have to be proficient in Adobe Suite in order to create solid visual content. Social media assistants are well-versed in creating relevant, brand-specific graphics for your social channels.

Also, algorithms for Instagram and Facebook are more likely to pick up and distribute visual content to a wider follower base than non-visual content. Images are key to increasing your visibility. Graphics are also a great way to welcome new group members to your Facebook group, acknowledge member birthdays, and celebrate milestones reached.

Engaging With Your Followers

Responding to follower comments and messages is a critical component to engaging with
prospects and clients. It is no secret social media engagement is time-consuming; allow your virtual assistant to step in and take care of engagement on your behalf. They can also make you aware of any complaints or concerns that may pop up in your comment section or DMs.


Your virtual assistant can utilize scheduling platforms to schedule your social posts to post automatically. Personally, we’re crazy about SocialBee. Here’s why: the platform allows you to host multiple social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Google my Business…and that’s just a snippet of what they have to offer. Oftentimes, the free version of software platforms is enough for your virtual assistant to successfully schedule your social posts.

A consistent social media presence is a must in today’s business climate. Delegate your social media tasks to your virtual assistant so you can concentrate on what you love doing the most.

Here at The Buddy Effect, we have pre-screened, U.S. based, assistants who specialize in social media. If you’d like to hand off your social media tasks to one of our Buddies, click here to get started today.

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