4 Ways to Supercharge your Mondays

I know…who likes Mondays?!

Would you believe me if I told you that Mondays do not have to be the most painful day of the week?

In fact, this should be the day that sets the tone for your week.


Today, you decide where you want your week to go. Set your priorities and remind yourself of your WHY — take a good look at your goals and implement habits that will get you there quickly and effectively.

I made it a little easier for you (you’re welcome).

Check out my four suggestions on how to beat the Monday blues to ensure that you have a purposeful and supercharged Monday:

“Chunk” your To-Do List

“Chunking” is the art of supercharging your to-do list.

Make a list of everything you have to do and then group similar tasks together;  tackle each “chunk” at a time.

Trust me, it’s much more difficult to bounce between different types of tasks and honestly, your day will drag.  Try getting through all the things that align while you are in that specific mindset.

Knock Something Out ASAP

Feels good when you’re knocking things off of your to-do list, right?

The easiest way to trigger this feeling of satisfaction is to get something small on your list done first thing in the morning.

Is there anything that you have been putting off — maybe writing that blog post or sending that email?  Get it out of the way and I can almost guarantee you that your eagerness to have a productive day will give you the fuel needed to have a successful Monday.

Relax — Break Every Two Hours

Sorry to tell you but productivity is not all about grinding for hours and hours without taking a break.  Actually, you will burn yourself out a lot faster this way and won’t be nearly as efficient as you could be if you would just WOO-SAH…

One of the best things you can do to make your Monday more effective is intentionally stepping away from what you’re working on to clear your head.

Leave your computer. Leave your phone.

Go for a walk, read a chapter, or meditate — you’ll come back recharged and ready to dive in again.

Plan Your Social Activities for the Week

If you plan on doing something social this week, plan it now and try your best to stay away from anything that pops up outside of those scheduled events.

Stop allowing other people and things fill up your open time — do what YOU want to do with YOUR time.  Learn the power of the word NO.

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