Stay Focused During the COVID-19 Pandemic while you Work from Home

Coronavirus crisis has brought millions of works to stay indoors; many individuals are now working from home. Fortunate are the people who can work from home; however, the medical professionals, bus drivers, grocery clerks, postal workers, etc, are still focusing on keeping the nation going.

Working from home is not easy, though a privilege. Finding focus amidst so much anxiety at home is tough but not impossible. Following these three strategies will keep you going and help you stay productive as you work from home.

Tackle a Single Task

At home, there may be lots going on. Do not attempt multi-tasking. Resist the urge. If you consider multitasking, it means you have to repeatedly move between tasks and your true, direct focus is lost. Task switching leads to loss of your productive time by nearly 80%.

Focus on one project at a time. Try not to email clients while homeschooling your child at the same time; instead, put the work aside for some time and be fully present with them. This will give you a break and allow yourself time to recharge and get back to work feeling more balanced.

Shut Off Alerts

The message notifications come all day long. If you are a person whose concentration is easily broken by the sound of a DING, turn off the notifications.

Here’s to taking things one step further: try keeping your phone on silent, put it in another room, or turn it over. This will help you stay focused — you check the chats and texts later. This keeps you in control and helps you fight the urges of scrolling through your timeline and indulging in the latest gossip.

Prioritize Work

Considering the changes in the workplaces and the world, no one has much to say and do but to accept the fact.  Now that you are given the opportunity to work from home, consider it a chance to spend more quality time with your family.

Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean that this is a green light to work all of the time. There will be a need to attend to some of the obligations at home.

Reshape your priority, get a sense of control and follow the priority list of work. This will ensure you handle the important tasks in priority and have not overlooked the rest.


These are only three of many tips that can help increase your level of efficiency while working from home. If you’re in need of an extra hand, don’t be afraid to ask for it! Schedule your discovery session now to discover ways in which you can loop a virtual assistant in to help knock some tasks off “COVID-19 work-from-home” to-do list.

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