Jump Start Your Monday!

Let’s be honest — getting back to the grind is never easy. There is just something about Mondays that is a little overwhelming. With a little change in your thinking and actions, Mondays may become a little more enjoyable for you.

Think about it like this —

Monday is a day of new opportunities, a time to recap the past week, and the perfect time to create a plan for the upcoming week. Follow these tips to reduce the “Monday blues” and to make the best of the most important day of the week:

Create Your Gameplan.

Dedicate a short but productive set of time to strategize, delegate and organize tasks. You, as well as everyone else involved, should walk away with a clear set of expectations and an understanding of why those tasks are important.

In addition, prioritize all tasks and tackle them consecutively — don’t toggle back and forth. Remember, multitasking is not always the most effective way to get things accomplished. Consider starting at the top of your list and working your way down and maintain focus. We promise that doing so helps increase your efficiency, while multitasking can quickly decrease your productivity.

Give Your Clients Time to Catch Up.

Monday is Monday — there is no changing that. People are angry that it’s Monday, tired, and are probably also using the day to strategize. Potential clients and current customers are catching up. Try holding off on sending emails too early — those 7 am emails might not be seen. Give them time to catch up with their day; maybe try holding off on calling your clients until mid-morning.


Returning from a relaxing (or busy) weekend can be a shock to the body and mind. Start your day off right and practice a few routines to maintain your sanity.

Jumpstart your morning with a workout to get your blood flowing, meditate, or enjoy a cup of coffee and a brief read to get your brain into action. Turn on your favorite music, dance a little, and prep for the day — and give yourself time to do so.  Consider waking up a few moments earlier to enjoy some personal time.

Achieve One Big Task.

Aim to tackle one major item on your to-do list. Take advantage of the fewer distractions while others get back into the grind and we guarantee that you’ll feel more productive moving into the rest of the week. Try to get something done that you’ve been putting off for a while or focus on something that will have a large impact on your business for the week. While others are grinding through the misery of Monday, you will be catapulting your business towards a successful week!

With a little effort and a few lifestyle tweaks, Mondays can be a lot easier for you (and even a little enjoyable) ? .

Let us know if these tips helped maximize your Mondays and prepare for a successful week.  Shoot us a message back — we love to hear your thoughts!

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