Gmail Tip: Utilizing Canned Messages

Canned responses are a lifesaver for those that continually get the same questions or comments via email. If you find yourself using the same email response again and again, try setting up a canned response for quicker replies. Imagine not having to answer the same question over and over again…AAAH!

1. Log into your Gmail Account


2. Click the gear icon on the right and select Setting


3. Select the labs tab and enable Canned Responses (don’t forget to scroll down and save)

4. Click compose and type the message that you would like to save as a template


5. Click the arrow at the bottom right of the window and select Canned Response -> New Canned Response

6. Name the canned response

7. Next time you’re responding to an email, use the arrow at the bottom right to insert your canned response

We bet that you find that this tip will save you a lot of time (and frustration).  Let us know how this tip works for you!  Contact us here.


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