Don’t Stress About It!

Stress can be more serious than you think.  It is our automatic response to pressure and too much of it can be detrimental to our overall mental, physical, and emotional health. The goal is to reduce stress as much as possible.  Here are some tips to reduce your stress levels:

Show Up To Work Early

It doesn’t sound too appealing, does it?  Although you may not want to spend more time than needed at work, there are huge benefits of arriving early for work – even if it’s only 15 minutes.  You force yourself to wake up earlier, which allows you to fully “awake” before work begins.  You also give yourself the chance to plan your day before the distractions start.  Showing up to work early may even help you advance faster because it shows your boss that you are dependable.

It’s Nothing Wrong With Recharging

It is great to take a vacation a couple times a year, but you need to recharge yourself a lot more than that.  Create a habit of recharging yourself by planning staycations and calming activities to give yourself a break.  Maybe try a new workout regimen or pick up a new hobby.  The goal is to stick with a habit of de-stressing yourself regularly.

Schedule Your Time

It’s pretty stressful when you realize that you neglected to hit a deadline or when things continue to slip your mind.  By planning out your days in advance, you have a game plan set in place to ensure that you are on top of important tasks and deadlines.  Keep a planner or activate notifications on your mobile device to make sure that you actually remember to check your calendar!


You don’t always have to wear the cape.  Delegating tasks will make a huge difference in your overall day.  Ask yourself if there are any tasks that you can ask else to complete.  If you have the support system, pass those tasks their way.  A lot of small tasks can take up a lot of time.  Why not save that time and use it towards doing something that you actually enjoy?

Virtual assistants are great companions to have.  We help take care of the small tasks so that you can focus on the bigger ones.  Many people have the misconception that you have to be an entrepreneur or a boss to utilize the services of a virtual assistant.  The Buddy Effect caters to anyone!  If you feel as if you use a couple more hands to help steer the wheel, consider hiring a virtual assistant.

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