Check Out 5 of Our Favorite Google Chrome Extensions!

Do you know what’s better than Google Chrome?


If you’re constantly sucked within the realm of distraction and low productivity, press your luck with these super cool sidekicks.

The Google Chrome web store offers a variety of different tools that will increase the efficiency of your overall online experience — they will certainly boost your productivity levels.

Honestly, we can’t promise you that these extensions will stop you from scrolling down your Facebook timeline or from getting lost in the land of YouTube BUT we do highly recommend them to anyone that is looking for ways to become more efficient while hanging out or working online.

Add to Trello:
There are a ton of project management tools, but Trello is one of our all-time favorites when it comes to aesthetics. Trello has adopted the Kanban method, which is literally Japanese for “billboard”. This workflow management style is visually appealing and helps with team collaboration, creating a supercharged content calendar, and crushing goals when it comes to project management. This extension allows you to access your boards easily — and we like easy.

Awesome Screenshot:
Easy screenshotting on our mobile devices is a gamechanger but did you know that you can do the same thing on your computer? AwesomeScreenshot is a screen capture extension that allows you to edit without leaving your browser. You can highlight, crop, blur, and perform other edits without ever leaving your browser.


Need ideas on content? Check out BuzzSumo. This Chrome extension will show metrics such as social shares and backlinks. It’s an easy way to keep an eye on content to get an idea of what to expect in regards to engagement.

Tip: use BuzzSumo to peek at your competitors to uncover strategies that might make your content perform better (shhhh, don’t say that we told you)

Check My Links:

Check My Links is simple: it scans web pages for broken links. This is a great way to check your own websites to ensure that they are functioning properly. It will also check for broken backlinks. Awesome, right?!

If you’re constantly searching and downloading things during the day like we are, clearing your browser history is a must. The Click&Clean extension for Chrome allows you to clear your cache, URL searches, website cookies, and download history with a single click of a button on your browser toolbar…easy peasy. Need a little extra? The extension can also scan for viruses and spruce up your hard drive to improve the speed of your computer.

Question: which one of these are you already utilizing?

If we missed any Chrome extensions that you swear by, share the knowledge — email us your favorite extensions at info@thebuddyeffect.com.


In no way are we saying that the answer to all of your organizational problems is a Google Chrome extension. If you’re over your head in stress due to being stretched too thin, it may be time for an assistant.

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