3 Ways to Attack Laziness and Regain Control

Lets face it — everyone has gotten lazy a time or two…or three.  We know that we have a list of things to do but sometimes, the bed is a little too comfortable and procrastination ends up being the result.  Laziness also breeds from fear — the fear of stepping out of our comfort zone to tackle something that’s challenging.

Laziness is what mutes our ambitions. 

Laziness works as our body’s defense mechanism against challenge and effort.  Truth is, laziness is a little harder than you think to break out of.  Check out the following three tips to help kick laziness to the curb.

1) Anatomize your Goal

One main reason why our brains default into lazy mode is because our goals may seem huge and unrealistic.  It gets intimating and frankly, we just don’t know where to begin so we’d rather not even start.

Quick fix: try breaking up your goals into smaller tasks.  Eventually, you will reach the finish line.  The biggest benefit of breaking down your goals is that your goal doesn’t seem as intimidating. Knock out those small goals and your big goal will be accomplished before you know it.

2) Find an Accountability Partner

If you’re anything like me, you hate being the one that can never follow through with your word.  Try using that to your advantage: assign someone to be an accountability parter — someone who you know you’ll have to answer to if you put off on your goals.

Answering to ourselves is the safe route but when we have someone else we’re accountable to, that just might be the additional push required to help us keep our goals on track.

3) Discover your “WHY”

Everyone of us should have a solid goal, a burning desire, that one thing that’s waiting at the finish line.  Discover your “WHY” and constantly remind yourself of your “WHY” so that you stay motivated.

Sticky notes, phone reminders, and journaling are great ways to keep your eye on the prize.  Reming yourself of what you would be missing out on if you succumbed to laziness.  Constantly reminding yourself of your “WHY” will kick laziness in the butt — if your “WHY” is worth it.


Laziness can be absolutely destructive to our professional and personal lives. We might not know it, but we’re missing out on so many things that life could’ve reaped for us if we weren’t lazy.

Don’t allow yourself to fall victim to the “laziness” cycle. With just a little smart and efficient planning, combined with determination and perseverance, you will hit your goals in no time.

Need that extra push?  Try outsourcing some of your tasks to buy back time to focus on your goals.  Virtual assistance is a great way to delegate your important tasks.  Let the professionals tackle your smaller tasks while you work on tackling the big goal.

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